When Friendship Gets Colder, Is It Really Over?

Friendship doesn’t always mean fun. There will be rough times too that will put the relationship to test.

Birds of the same feather flock together. But having the same feather doesn’t mean these birds are identical. They are different from each other, one way or another.

People have differences. No matter how similar two people could seem, they would always have opposing views on one issue or another.

They said opposite attracts. Yes it does. Sometimes. But there are opposite sides that are never meant to cross paths. Paths that can lead us, far and far away from people we use to be so close with. We keep on walking and walking. Following the same path, our own views. We only realize that we are far enough,Β when weΒ have been walking alone for so long, when we can’t see even our friend’s shadow anymore.

Sometimes, trying to save a friendship is like walking on thin ice. We walk quietly, gently, not to crack the ice. We try not to say things that will hurt one, no matter how true they are. We try not to open up issues that will break the silence. We try to keep things the way they seemed to be, even though we know that they aren’tΒ anymore. We try hard until we can’t even try anymore. We try until the ice breaks. We try until we fall into the abyss of freezing water where our hearts die of cold loneliness that even old flames cannot be rekindled.

If this is the case, should we just stop and declare it’s over?

23 responses to “When Friendship Gets Colder, Is It Really Over?”

  1. Nasa ganitong sitwaayon ako nung nakaraan lang. Dati halos lahat ng bagay nasasabi ko sa kanya, pero ngayon nao-awkward na ako kapag magkukuwentuhan kami. Pero ganun talaga eh kapag wala nang patutunguhan, pinuputol na. Kaya ayun isang araw di na kami nag usap. Di ko alam kung magkaibigan pa rin ba kami, o hindi na 😯

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  2. Don’t until you’re heart says so.

    I had been into this kind of situation many times with friends whom I really like. I don’t give up easily on trying to win them back but if it’s already too long like a year or two and if they’re deliberately ignoring your presence and efforts, you can declare you the old friendship is over.

    For me, those friends whom I let go based on what I’d said, are still in my heart.

    I don’t know but that’s how treat friends like even if the stings that bonded us have already been cut, my heart will still give a place for them no matter what.

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  3. Sabi mo nga idol, part of life.. Kelangan tanggapin kahit masakit.😒 Nasa ganyan ako recently now di ko alam kung ok kami o hindi.. Tinanong ko pa kung friends pa ba kami ang reply sakin “Hi!” Pero umaasa pa din ako magiging okay sya balang arawπŸ˜‰ Galing ni idol!πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  4. May iba kasi talagang tao na mahirap pakisamahan kahit na sabihing nasa iisang circle of friends lang kayo. Ako kasi iyong tipo ng taong lumalayo kapag ayoko na. HAHAHA

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