If Your Blog Was a Resume

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I am re-posting this article from some time ago. Quick reason why: So I went to this fabulous blog party yesterday right, and there was one common thread: We couldn’t follow each other! On more than one occasion there was an issue with someone’s follow button (including mine!) and other critical buttons in its relation to networking.


If your blog was a resume, will I be able to contact you for a job?

I follow a lot of blogs through the WordPress reader that I would like to follow by way of my email because it’s easier for me to keep in touch. I manage the blogs I follow by regulating my settings. Some blogs I adjust to get emails every day and instantly. Some I have set for a few times a week, and some I purposely just follow through the reader.

I don’t consider myself an expert…

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5 responses to “If Your Blog Was a Resume”

  1. Napacheck tuloy ako sa Follow button ko haha.

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    1. ha ha ha infairness maganda itong post na ito ha

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  2. mukhang mapupuyat ako mamaya sa kakalaro kay sidebar…

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    1. Hahahahahaha go Sir S…..


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