Seize the Moment

After a month (or two, I guess), I finally had a chance to take a day off.

I decided to go for a snorkeling trip with some guests and colleagues as the weather was really great.

I have snorkeled a lot of times before but this snorkeling trip was really special. A trip that I will always remember.

A boat took us to an area where, they said, we can see nice corals. We jumped from the boat, into the deep.

Honestly, I would never jump from the boat if not for the life jacket. I usually snorkel, in the shallow, just near the beach area. This experience was new to me. The jumping off the boat I mean.

There were 7 of us who jumped from the boat – four hotel guests and one guide, me and my colleague Crystal.

Crystal said she can’t swim but she took the lead as if she knew where exactly should we go. I followed. The guests and the guide were far behind.

I was behind Crystal. Not too close as I don’t want to get hit by her flippers. Not too far, as I always want some company in the water, specially this deep, when you can’t see the seabed.

The area has a shallow part with lots of corals and fish playing around, followed by a deep slope, that’s where one can only see, the endless dark shade of blue.

I was enjoying my time, finding so many Nemos when I saw Crystal, swimming without her life jacket.

I asked her why she removed her life jacket.

She answered, remove it. You will feel free.

I thought of removing it, but then I saw the endless dark blue again. Plus the fact that water kept on entering my snorkeling mask, panic suddenly attacked.

I just kept on swimming with my life jacket on, this time taking the lead.

And then something beautiful caught my eye.

A Green Sea Turtle. This was my first time to be really close to a swimming turtle. I swam a little bit closer then he looked at me.

I will never forget that moment. That connection when our eyes met.

It did not take long before the rest caught sight of this marvelous creature. The guide shouted, a turtle! A turtle!

They all swam quickly and they tried touching the turtle’s shell but the guide prohibited them from doing so and thankfully they stopped.

The turtle did not run swim away. He was just chillin’ out with us. I felt like he was so comfortable swimming with us and getting photos of him taken. He was playing with us, and this was a rare thing. They usually run swim away as soon as they see human beings.

I felt something that I can’t really explain. But one thing’s for sure, I felt happy seeing a turtle, swimming freely with us, humans. I felt so happy seeing a turtle, not in a cage or tiny aquarium for people’s sight and delight. They are also alive and breathing, just like us. They are not man made items, meant to be displayed in a Museum. They are meant to be free too, just like how we, humans have always fought for our freedom.

I was happy to see that he did not feel the need to run for his life. I hope the world, can come even a bit closer to this scenario.

The turtle then, after playing with us, swam away, gently, freely.

We moved on. The guide, asked me to remove my life jacket. I was still hesitating. But then, I thought, I can swim anyway, why was I scared of removing it?

Then I finally removed it. Crystal was right. It was, somehow, liberating.

I knew how to swim, but I kept clinging on to that life jacket, just to be safe. So I asked myself, if I have always been this way all along? Playing safe. Not using my skills to its fullest. Not moving out of my comfort zone.

I have always been a risk taker, or maybe, I just thought so. Maybe, I’m still not daring enough.

They said, if your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.

By playing safe, maybe, I have missed a lot of opportunities, a lot of chances. Maybe, the ship that was meant for me have passed by long ago just because I waited for it come in and never tried swimming out to it.

But lesson learned. Who knows? Maybe later on,  I’ll still get other opportunities and hope that by the time my ship arrives, I’ll be able to swim to it, bravely, freely.

For now, let me just then wait for my next day off. Go for another snorkeling trip. Jump off the boat without a life jacket and seize the moment should I see a playful Green Sea Turtle once again.

42 responses to “Seize the Moment”

  1. Gusto ko yung “THAT CONNECTION WHEN OUR EYES MET” hahahah!! excited na ko~ may Apo Island Trip din ako e.. di ako marunong lumangoy pero marami daw turtles dun kahit sa mababaw lang tas di sila takot sa tao. sana may maka-connect din ako!

    Liked by 1 person

    • malay mo sa connect connect na yan mahanap si forever LOL….pag nahanap mo si forever sa APO Island, dapat ang mga souvenir nyo sa kasal ay cute turtles, yung sandfilled?….LOL


  2. Galing naman ng experience mo.

    Paglaki ko, sana gaya ako ni Crystal – matapang sa tubig kahit hindi marunong lumangoy. Right now, I am already hindi marunong lumangoy, courage na lang ang kailangan ko. 🙂

    p.S. Huwag mo na panginayangan ang mga opportunities na lumampas. Hindi para sa iyo ang mga iyon. Kalimutan mo na ang mga “what ifs”. Ang mahalaga, kahit minsan nababako, masaya ka generally sa kinalalagyan mo. Pasensiya ka na, umiiral ang pagka-Nanay ko. 🙂 Takpan mo na lang ang tenga mo just like any other child being lectured by her mother.

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    • ha ha….anlakas nga po ng loob ni Crystal eh…kaya nyo po yan haha…sanay-sanay muna sa mababaw

      oo nga po…baka yung mga lumampas na ay hindi talaga para sa akin….hihihi ayus lang po…nakikinig ako sa lecture nyo 🙂


  3. Iyan ang magandang blogging! Kwento-kwento, pero may literary segue sa philiosophy of life…

    Ako rin ay nag-snorkeling minsan, pero sa artificial reef sa Florida; dinadaluyan ito ng tubig ng Atlantic Ocean, kaya natural ang alat… Mahirap i-describe ang feeling ng nasa tubig at kasama ang iba’t-ibang kulay at laki ng mga isda, hipon, lobster, atbp. Super-excited ako ng dumaan sa ilalim ko ang stingray…. umahon agad ako at ng telephone sa mga kaibigan!

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  4. “By playing safe, maybe, I have missed a lot of opportunities, a lot of chances. Maybe, the ship that was meant for me have passed by long ago just because I waited for it come in and never tried swimming out to it.”

    Lakas maka-YOLO. HAHAHA. Pabebe. Marunong ka naman palang lumangoy, antagal mo pang tinanggala ang lifevest. Pero nakakainggityung sea turtleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ WAAHAHAHA

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  5. Just by reading your post, I can exactly imagine how happy you were when you had your snorkeling. The turtle must be something you can treasure for the rest of your life. You’re lucky enough to have experienced it. Kailan pa kaya ako Maka pag swimming together with the turtles..super nice sa feeling siguro.

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