Good question alert: Can you be a “serious writer” while also just being yourself?

…..owning your screw-ups is sometimes even more important than not screwing up in the first place.

Natalia A.

The daughter of a friend is taking a summer journalism course, and one of her assignments was to interview “a journalist with international experience” about their “career choices and future goals.”

One of the questions she just sent me was so excellent that I am reprinting it, alongside my answer, below (with permission):

Q: Your byline has been seen in many internationally significant publications and you regularly comment on current events. Today I read your comments to Yahoo Sports about Russia’s doping scandal. Also today I opened your blog and read a song about “shrieking demon heads” that you wrote. Is there a contradiction between your professional persona and your artist persona? Has it affected your work? What would you say to someone who wanted to follow your example?

A: What a great question. I will be honest, I think I would have had more professional success as a journalist if…

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14 responses to “Good question alert: Can you be a “serious writer” while also just being yourself?”

  1. A writer should be able to handle different persona, otherwise he/she will box herself into a one dimensional personality , predictable , bland and boring.

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    1. Yeah…but difficult tho haha


  2. Uyyy nakarelate! Pwede nga ba?

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    1. Hahahaha mahirap lols


  3. Natulala ako dun ah…Answer is, I don’t know for now. I’ll get back to you on that after a year. hehehe

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    1. i don’t know din eh haha


  4. Yup. It’s a different side of who you are waiting to be unleashed.

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  5. Feel ko wala akong utak after ko nabasa ang tanong. Hahaha. Sagot ko dun ai, But I would have been di ko masagot. Hahaha. Pero cguro dapat ang writer ay marunong magsulat.

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    1. Ahhahahaha lahat ata tayo napaisip after.basahin ito…but ok lang yan….work in progress naman tayong lahat hehe


      1. Kaya nga 😁. Oo bilib din ako sa tanong nya.

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  6. Ang hirap ng tanong! Magbabasa na lang ako ayoko nang magsulat hahaha!

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    1. hahahahahahha….I’m sure pagtapos mo magbasa ng magbasa makakapagsulat ka din later on…..ganun yan hahah


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