Turtle Post Again

OMG. Naiinlab na yata ako sa mga cute na baby pagong na ito. Kanina lang ay nagrelease kami ng mahigit 60 baby pagongs sa dagat at nawa ay hindi sila kainin ng mga masasamang elemento. Ayun lang. Wala akong masabi kung hindi ang cuuuuuteeee nilaaaa!



31 responses to “Turtle Post Again”

    • ohh no…balita ko…out of 60 cute baby turtles na nirelease namin, mga not more than 10 ang magsusurvive dahil pagpipyestahan sila ng mga masasamang loob dahil malalambot pa ang kanilang shells…huhuhuhu

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  1. They’re so cute! Some people capture them and put them in a basin of water and seawater for a week or so. That gives the baby turtles time to harden their carapaces (shells). Then those people release them in the sea.

    With hardened carapaces, the baby turtles have a higher chance of growing up into healthy adults since they won’t become easy-to-chew prey for many ocean predators.

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    • Yes actually that is better…but here in Maldives the law…only allows one (or two i guess) resort to keep the turtles till they are strong enough to be out in the wilds….sadly…one of those hotels is our sister property in the northern part of Maldives….here in our property in the South we are only allowed to keep and protect the eggs till they hatch…then we have to let them go after 48hrs or so

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      • Well, there are mixed reactions about keeping the babies until their carapaces harden. I already explained about the “positive” one.

        But according to Romeo Trono, executive director of Conservation International, said this should not be done as it interferes with nature’s way. If turtles have survived this way for millions of years, then we don’t need to disturb that process. He also has a very valid point.

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  2. Nasubukan ko na ito sa Maitum, South Cotabato. May Pawikan Sanctuary kasi dun. Sinabayan ko pa sa tubig sabay cheer pa. Mga pawikan yung pinakawalan namin. Marami pala silang uri. Nakakatuwa talaga ang experience.

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