I did not see the sunset today. Not because it rained nor the sun shied away.

I was consumed with my daily labor. The one that takes up most of our time and most of our lives. Hence the dusk, as I stepped out of the office.

But not seeing the sunset doesn’t mean the day did not end well. Beauty does not always mean gold or reddish yellow or orange. It can also mean blue and gray.

I walked under that early evening sky that was grayish blue stripped withΒ  clouds of darker gray. Some silver sparkles were joined by red and gold and some green blurry dots. These aren’t stars but city lights brought about by sky scrapers that seemed almost apart of the night sky.

The sky on this part of the world isnt starry. No, it isn’t, really.

But these little silvery sparkles and blurry dots fill in what the sky lacks. They keep the moon company all night long and they keep the city alive, as if it never sleeps.

As if, it never sleeps.

Nag-OT lang ako andami ko ng arte

Sinusulat ito habang nagugutom sa biyahe at iniisip kung luto na kaya ang pritong galunggong pagdating ko sa bahay. Pero hindi pa pala. Frozen pa.


  1. Years ago, i took a job on the editorial team of a daily college newspaper that was issued in the morning. I reported for work at 5pm and went home when the paper was “put to bed” at almost midnight. The duty hours drove me to depression. Fortunately, it was for only one semester. I sympathize with people on the “graceyard shifts.” It’s unnatural not to see the setting sun.

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    1. Halaaaa hahahaha…kelangang kasi mabaling ang atensyon para di maramdaman yung gutom hahaha….sana pala nung college mas matalino din ako pag gutom
      ..pero hinde hahahaha

      Baka hindi ka nagsabaw bago ung maindish kaya ganyan lol

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  2. Salamat sa OT mo, na-entertain kami.

    Tama ka, dito part of the distant memory lang ang starry night. Bakit nga ba? Dahil madaming lights? hehe…nagtanong daw…

    Sige na at kikitain ko din si sunset dito sa Saudi.

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