Fine lines, angles and curves

Shade, light and dark

A little bit more

I’m getting closer

A bit closer

To the image

I adore most


But my right hand

Started trembling

And the lines drifted

Away and away

And to deformity

It paved way


I need to erase

And retrace

And catch moments lost

While I slowly drifted

To the sea of mistakes,

Ocean of distress.

I’ll try again and again.

I’ll keep trying till I make it right

At least, till I make it right.



27 responses to “Drawing”

  1. I love the poem and the drawing with it. I think we all have these moments described so well in the poem. Just a few words and so much meaning and emotion. Found your blog via Diwata’s wonderful poem. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


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