Under the Sea

We (me and hubby) went diving sometime ago and it was actually our first time and Kudo, the dive guide told us that we went 6 meters deep. Yey! and LOL.

Since we didn’t have a go pro with us and everyone said that my idea was horrible (of putting my camera inside a zip lock so it won’t get wet even under water), we borrowed a waterproof digicam from the dive center.

A few hours after the dive, Kudo gave us a copy of all the photos that we took and I was so excited to see my chamba-taken photos.

These coral reefs, seriously, they freak me out. They look like giant sponge balls or giant brains and I never wanted to come any closer to these squeeky-leeky things. (WTFart is squeeky-leeky?)

Then I asked myself, I thought I saw a lot of fish but why the hell do I only see photos of corals?

And then came this photo. Ammm, there’s only…..one fish here….. Where did the rest go?

Then I said, maybe I need to see the rest of the photos and then came this one and the rest.

Now we’re talking. HA! HA!

Guess who I found?

But the weirdest thing that happened to us is this photo. First of all, we did not reach the bottom of the sea. Second thing, we never saw a turtle. And lastly, who the fart are those divers behind the turtle? There were just three of us that time – me, hubby and Kudo. So could there be ghost divers there? And if so, could ghosts swim? And do they also have proper diving equipment?

I think Kudo needs to give some explanations here.

31 responses to “Under the Sea”

  1. Just a scientific, empirical, and unquestionable fact that renowned scientists and physicists around the world has collectively agreed in their scholastic research about the sea that I want to share… You cannot fart while submerged under water.

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  2. Ang ganda!

    Naalala ko tuloy yung punta ko sa Hundred Islands. Naka-scuba diving goggles ako saka life vest para tumingin ng giant corals. Hindi ako marunong huminga ng may goggles kaya tinanggal ko. Tapos hindi ako maka-dive pababa ng tubig kaya tinanggal ko ang vest. Natatakot pa ako lumangoy nang maalala ko na hindi pala ako Devil Fruit eater. Hahaha!

    Masubukan nga rin minsan ang diving. Sana makapunta ako sa Tubbataha kahit sa panaginip ko lang. Hahaha!


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