Shredding Papers

I started shredding papers in the office today, and that’s the start. We are slowly winding down. Our office is closing down within the next two months and having said that, I have two months to go before I become one of the stars in the constellation of the ever increasing population of the jobless.

There are tons of papers that needed shredding, especially those confidential ones and I was literally just shredding papers the whole day.

I removed the papers from the box files, which gave me a lot of empty box files when just yesterday I was ordering a lot of them as I don’t have enough to keep my pile of papers.

I removed staple wires that held the files together. Files that I am now tearing apart.

I kept shredding. Paper after paper. File after file.

I stood in awe. This is what my years of hard work is now. Tiny bits of paper.

As I carried the big plastic bag containing the shredded papers to the garbage chute, a sudden gust of wind came and blew a lot of shredded papers leaving them, hanging in midair, like shining confetti thrown into air after a successful concert, like dried leaves falling off the branches of a dying tree.

And as the shredded papers gently fell down, I said, yes, at one point, we all have to say goodbye.

It was stupid of me not to tie up the plastic bag before heading to the garbage chute. I called the building cleaner to sweep the floor filled with paper confetti.

He brought a broom and dust pan, started sweeping and finally threw every thing into the chute.

I stood in awe. This is where my years of hard work is going to. Garbage bin.

34 responses to “Shredding Papers”

  1. Jobs come and go… Ang masakit dun, tama ang sinabi mo na all your efforts and hard work are like sheets of paper na after magamit, will be shredded and thrown. Kakalungkot isipin!

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  2. Parang napaquestion tuloy ako kung ano ba ang meaning of life.

    Do you sometimes feel like a plastic bag?
    Mahal ba ako ng mga aso ko?
    Kapag nahulog ang tinidor lalaki daw ang bibisita, kapag kutsara babae raw, pero kapag kutsilyo simo darating?

    Ganun yung mga naiisip ko ngayon.

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  3. Striking truth:
    “This is what my years of hard work is now. Tiny bits of paper.”
    “Yes, at one point, we all have to say goodbye.”
    “This is where my years of hard work is going to. Garbage bin.”
    All will succumb to this at some point or another. Thoughtful post.

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  4. recession wagas talaga?madami akong kakilala na recently ay nawalan ng trabaho sa middle east, dumadating na naman ang tagtuyot sa disyerto,anyway hayway, makakahanap ka for sure ng trabaho, madami pa dyan, keep the fire burning!hehehehe

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