Novel Attempt

I’ve always wanted to write my own novel but, always, after reaching about 10,000 words, or even less, I’d stop. I’d think its too tiring to continue and reach at least 50,000 words to complete the thing.

I visited my NaNoWriMo account and checked my 2014 ‘trial novel’ which only reached 6,000 plus words. I looked at the synopsis and the Excerpts and found myself surprised. I never thought these lines came from my nutshell.


“…as of now I can see that the grass is greener on the other side because you need to tend to it. Otherwise it will all just end up becoming brown hays. Well, working abroad is not like picking up gold from the street sides as they all thought.”  – Jeremy


Now her tears are forcing themselves to come out, overflowing from the bucket that was suddenly filled with cold rain water after being empty for the longest time.


She’d rather starve or even die than break the rules that she has set. Brains over beauty. Pride over money. Dignity over love.


“Life can be tough  so you need to survive. Survival comes in different forms and you have to choose your own. If they say we only have two choices, either to sink or to swim, I have created another one and I call it float. Why do you have to face the waves if you can just drift along? If life is that tough, then at least do yourself a favor.” – Rosario


So I told myself, hmmm, not that bad. Not at all. 😀

64 responses to “Novel Attempt”

  1. Can’t wait to see your authored books in a “Best-seller” labeled shelf, ate. ☺ Ngayon palang hinahangaan ko na ang mga sinusulat mo. At may pakiramdam ako na magiging tanyag ka. ☺☺😙👏

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  2. I’ve had the raw materials for many novels as well, hahaha! Just couldn’t sit long enough to write such long accounts, ‘cuz it would interfere with living my life (louder hahaha,) .

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  3. Go go go! Nag-fail ako sa NaNoWriMo 2015, but still… Kahit hindi ko natatapos yung 50,000 words, nanganganak naman ng ideas yung utak ko. Just having to sit and think and write. Nakakatulong sa pagtatae ng utak ko 🙂

    We can do it! Aja!

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