Nerd. Cave woman.

I was ironing one week’s worth of clothes last night when our landlady came to collect some payments. I was in in my pajamas already, my hair in a messy bun but I thought that’s ok, she’s just here to collect some payments and not to have some tea party.


She brought her friend along, a lady that I haven’t met till last night. And what meant to be just payment collection became an almost tea party, without the tea nor the party.


We were happily chatting about OFW lives and at one point she (landlady) caught sight of my bookshelf and said, Oh! You have a lot of books! You’re so nerd. Then she laughed.


Her friend then asked, what do you do with them?


I… read them, I said.


So I wondered. If I, really looked like a nerd.


After a little more of jokes and stories, the landlady then asked me if I have found a new job already. I said I still haven’t.


So she asked her friend, maybe your boss needs a secretary? You might want to refer her, while pointing her hand to me.


Her friend looked at me and asked, do you know how to use a computer?


I looked at her and there was an awkward silence till the landlady cracked a joke. Of course, do you think she is using a typewriter in her office?


So I wondered. If I, looked like a caveman last night. Or woman for that matter.


30 responses to “Nerd. Cave woman.”

  1. Hahaha! I laughed out loud when she asked you what you do with your books. You should have answered, “Pambalot ng tinapa…” Or “Wala lang, pang display ko lang yan…”. Hehehe!
    And honestly, I find women with a messy bun of hair quite seductive, specially in nightees, not in pajamas. Wink!

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