Today’s Sunset

I left the office earlier than usual. It was drizzling and the sky was dark. ‘Yet another day without the sunset,’ I told myself.

I took the bus and then the train, my usual journey home.

I boarded the train and there wasn’t a single chair available so I looked for a place where I could possibly stand comfortably, if I could be comfortable at all.

I stood facing west and saw a difference in color. The sky wasn’t as dark as I thought. At least, not on the other side. Not on the side where the sun was setting. It was orange or maybe yellow orange or maybe gold. I don’t know exactly how I could possibly describe the  color of the sky, the beauty was just beyond words.

I wanted to take a photo of this one of a kind sunset, one of the most beautiful I have seen recently, but I doubt the camera of my phone will get even half the beauty of what I was seeing. So I ditched the idea and just stood still.

I stood still not minding the weight of the bags I was carrying on both shoulders, the noise of people chatting, the rush of passengers moving in and out of the cabin, pushing through, squeezing themselves in.

I just looked at the sun. I looked at it while it slowly showed itself. I looked at it as it gently moved away from the grayish clouds that hid its glory.

Each train station we passed by led me home, just like each slow descent have sent the sun to its rest.

For a moment I felt like it was just me and the sun. Looking at each other. Saying our goodbyes to yet another day.

34 responses to “Today’s Sunset”

  1. So beautiful! I guess we all have that moments where suddenly we have that deep connection with our surrounding. Me personally, I love looking at the clouds especially when the sky is sooo blue! For some reason it gives me a sense of peace ♥

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  2. Lovely ramble. The train journey’s after work can be hectic. Packed to the brim with hardly any room to move, but also good fodder for inspiration.

    Let me use the opportunity to invite you to the Bloggers brunch that I am hosting over the weekend Saturday – Sunday. I believe it will be fun to mingle with others. The invitation is titled, It’s Brunch Party Time. I will send one out again tomorrow. My regards.

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  3. Kapatid. Nakikita kitang nagmo-moment sa kapogian ni Sunny kapag papalubog na siya ah.

    I just love how you described and savored the magic that I call sunset. Ang galing, Aysa.

    The tone and the theme is a far cry from your usual post. Be that as it may, I so like it; in fact, parang effective ka din sa ganyan post.

    More please…hehe

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