Music and Art

Music and Art

I was listening to Paramita’s Hiling while drawing this. I did not think about what I wanted to draw, instead I left everything to my right hand, the pencil and the song.

video: PINOYTUNER Philippines

P.S.  I’m not an artist. I just have these moments when I feel like one, hence the drawing. 

P.S. again. Ria Bautista of Paramita is just one badass of a musician.

30 responses to “Music and Art”

    • nakakatakot naman yang other world Sir P, parang under world ha ha…ginoogle ko yung automatic writing…katacute po haha – “The words are claimed to arise from a subconscious, spiritual or supernatural source.”


  1. That’s pretty cool! You’re getting messages smuggled into songs. If I tried leaving a drawing to my hand, I’d just get a mess. To be fair, when I try to have my brain control my hand, I still get a mess.

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  2. Alam ko ang puno can represent a person drawing it (in psychology, i’m not sure if it’s a fact).. may naiisip akong isulat na tula para sa puno mo, pero may island hangover pa ko, wala pa ko sa mood mag susulat :D.. basta sasabihin ko sayo pag nasulat ko na..

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  3. nakalimutan ko sabihin, yung punong nadrawing mo parang yung puno sa movie na ‘The Fountain’ 2006 pa yung movie, ako nagandahan, di ko sure baka ma bored ka dun. Isa sa fave movie ko yun 🙂

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