People Change

People change
Some for the better
Some for the worse
Some depending
On the season of course

People change
Depending on what you have
Or how much you have
Some depending
On what you don’t have

People change
And they wouldn’t care
And they wouldn’t give a damn
About how you are
About what you are

People change
Even if you care
In silence you fix your self
Your silence
Thus becomes insolence

People change
We all do
And for you
There’s nothing more I can do
There’s nothing more that I will do

26 responses to “People Change”

    • Hehe. Dito lang po. I just need an outlet to release what I cannot verbally say.

      It’s just unbelievable how some ‘lovely’ people can turn into a big bad wolf overnight.


  1. When you think about what / who was lost,
    Eventually you realize that you didn’t need it / them, after all…
    That you are better off in the long run.

    Trust my wisdom; I’m now 65
    And very happy that I lost a few along the way.


  2. People change, people come and go even those we hold dear in our hearts. Agree ako kay Hammad, don’t expect from others and just be yourself… Sino ba nang aaway sayo, mga echuserang frog, chos joke lang, pinapatawa lang kita… Medyo mabibigat ang posts mo eh 😘

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  3. People certainly do change, in big ways and in small. I’m sorry to hear from your other commenters that the poem was written when in the middle of a hard time for you. I hope everything works out well.

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