Murphy Row: Coffee, One Cream

Once you have truly felt that feeling, once you have let that drop of Hate in, you can never fully return to the original shade. No matter how much more coffee you add to the cup, there will always be a slight shade of white.

Drinkers with Writing Problems

Picture Love as a cup of coffee, rich and complex, bold and enticing. Coffee is longed for each day by those of us that are used to having it. Coffee exists as a labor of love from countless names working to make your cup possible. You pick how much work you want to put into making a cup. Some people french press, and some people want to press a button. You find what works for your life and each day you get to enjoy something wonderful.
Picture Hate as a single drop of cream. When you allow just a single drop into a cup of rich black coffee, white clouds billow, expanding into every drop in every corner. A single drop changes the shade of the entire drink.
Hate does not come to us in waves. Anger, furry, and frustration all come in waves, but Hate comes in a singleā€¦

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