I walk from the bus station to the building. I heard footsteps so I know someone’s behind. I kept walking till I reached the stoplight. The footsteps stopped too. A guy’s beside me. The lights turned green so we started walking. I walked in a slow pace, he kept a distance.

It drizzled so I removed my glasses. My vision’s blurry but I can still see.

I reached the building and headed to the lift. I pressed 10 then pressed the close button. The lift door slowly closed. Then it opened again. He entered the lift. He did not press any button. So our offices are on the same floor?

I took my handkerchief and started wiping my glasses. I tried to remove watermarks then I felt his stare. So I looked up to him. Our eyes met. He smiled. I’m not sure if I smiled back. Β His face is a bit blurry like an image in soft glow.

The lift stopped on the 10th floor. We walked out of the lift and took separate ways. I put my glasses back on. It’s not blurry anymore.


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