How I Wish…

There are lines or words or poems that are beautifully written, so beautiful that sometimes I wish I could have written them, so beautiful but all I can do is admire the lines and the genius(es) behind them.

Here’s a line from Shakira Sison’s A Valentine for Broken Hearts


Those who have loved well and deeply know that Valentine’s Days are for new loves. Relationships are daily endeavors that are rarely a box of chocolates or a bunch of heart-shaped balloons soaring overhead and bobbing with joy. Love is not an immortal bouquet of flowers which never wilt or turn brown. In fact, it is often the case that when they’re no longer fragrant or pleasing to the eye, they are simply thrown away.


 featured image:


          1. Nasilip ko na. Sa rappler pala sya writer at palanca winner. True, hindi sya kumekembot haha iba nga! Hindi ko din alam ang term, tawagin nalang naten Shakira style. Take note, ang hair nya, like ko


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