Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

‘You always say sorry. I don’t know if you even mean what you say,’ said someone to me. That I say sorry as much as I say Hi or Goodbye.

I always say sorry. But I always mean them.

I say sorry when I am at fault, sometimes even when I’m not at fault. I say sorry when I hurt someone’s feelings whether I’m aware or not. See, I can be insensitive while someone can be extremely otherwise. We all are different. Something could be so hilarious to me while it could be offending to someone else. And if I happen to offend someone, of course I’ll say sorry. Even though someone’s super sensitivity to matters is not really my fault, I’ll still say sorry.

I say sorry because I am not perfect. I’m just a human. I make mistakes from time to time.

 ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest words,’ said Elton John.

‘It’s hard for me to say I’m sorry,’ said Chicago.

But for me, it isn’t that hard.

I say sorry because I’m brave enough to do so. Brave enough to admit my mistakes, brave enough to face the consequences of these mistakes. At least I’m braver, than Elton John and Chicago.

I say sorry because I don’t always win. I lose. I fail. Yes, I fail and I fail people too. I fail those who trusted me, those who had a lot of faith in me. For that, I have to be sorry. And I am.

I say sorry because I don’t aim to always win an argument. I value the few people around me and I’d rather say sorry than win a useless argument just to make my point valid. I’d say sorry so there won’t be tears on pillows. So there won’t be sleepless nights.

And this is just how I am. I say sorry, a lot of times. Not that I don’t mean it. I’m just brave enough to say it all the time.


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33 responses to “Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.”

  1. You and I are the similar this way, Aysa. I even came to a point when I lost a friend because he said that’s the problem with me. The funny thing is, the things I was sorry for were from small things. Pathetic arguments…

    You’re not alone. I say sorry too often too. The reasons I have are the very ones you wrote here.


    • haay. minsan kasi para matigil na lang ang argumento sa napakaliit na bagay eh, bakit pa ba palalakihin?

      minsan iniisip ko bakit kailangan ipaggiitan ang punto mo kung wala naman ding patutunguhan? haish *__*


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