Day 3 – Three Day Quote Challenge

Last day of this challenge. Yey! So I’ll post 3 nice quotes today 🙂









For this Challenge, the rules are:

  1.  Post three consecutive days.
  2.  You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3.  Challenge three different bloggers per day.

My day 3 nominees are:

  1. Dubai Expat Nurse
  2. Popcornonmydesktop
  3. Chia

Whether they join or not, I’ll nominate them just the same 😛

11 responses to “Day 3 – Three Day Quote Challenge”

  1. thanks for this!ill start to post tuesday next week! ❤ raine

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    1. :p feel free to do so anytime

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  2. Pwede bang mag 3 days quote challenge ka ulit? I will nominate you again. Haha

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    1. Ako na naman? Wahahaha.

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  3. Know what? Those quotes speak about a lot of the things that I forget at times. Feels comforting to be reminded of them…

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    1. Opo paminsan minsan kailangan nating magsubtract para may remainder 😛


      1. haha…pero kuha ko ang punchline

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  4. Hahaha Salamat sa pag nominate. Wala naman deadline ito diba?

    Been using the 2nd quote a lot since I graduated from college. hahaha

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    1. ha ha ha wala naman deadline 😛

      ganda nga lang nung quote

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  5. […] you to the most flavorful sabaw here at wordpress Aysa for nominating me on this […]


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