Some 90’s Music Here

I dunno why I was required to dance when I was in grade school when my body alone already looks like a stick plus my dance moves really added up to my stick-look and with my kinky hair I look like an inverted walking mop.

Anyway, I was trying to shift into a more relaxing playlist as I have been banging my head for the past few weeks so I looked for something old but not so new wavish and found these songs. Songs that we were forced to groove into during grade school. And I could die laughing as I remember my dance moves.


Close to You by Whigfield

video: Prestigio Eventos FESTAS

Both versions are nice.  Remix and  original.


Dying Inside by Timmy Thomas

video: Jusuf .w


Always by Erasure

video: emimusic


I seriously just saw the video of ‘Always’ yesterday and I almost spat coffee out into the monitor. WTFart is with this video?


Nonsensical. KTNXBYE.


*featured image : chrome webstore

28 responses to “Some 90’s Music Here”

  1. Well now, I like these moods of muscial reminisce 🙂 I do it all the time since different music inspires me to write. Fyi, the Erasure vid is not working though.

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