Some 90’s Music Here

I dunno why I was required to dance when I was in grade school when my body alone already looks like a stick plus my dance moves really added up to my stick-look and with my kinky hair I look like an inverted walking mop.

Anyway, I was trying to shift into a more relaxing playlist as I have been banging my head for the past few weeks so I looked for something old but not so new wavish and found these songs. Songs that we were forced to groove into during grade school. And I could die laughing as I remember my dance moves.


Close to You by Whigfield

video: Prestigio Eventos FESTAS

Both versions are nice.  Remix and  original.


Dying Inside by Timmy Thomas

video: Jusuf .w


Always by Erasure

video: emimusic


I seriously just saw the video of ‘Always’ yesterday and I almost spat coffee out into the monitor. WTFart is with this video?


Nonsensical. KTNXBYE.


*featured image : chrome webstore


    1. Ha ha ha. Samantalang ngayon gustong gusto ng mga bata sumayaw no? Ako din matigas katawan. Pang folk dance lang daw ako. Ako daw yung bamboo na ginagamit sa tinikling :p


  1. Well now, I like these moods of muscial reminisce 🙂 I do it all the time since different music inspires me to write. Fyi, the Erasure vid is not working though.

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