Concept Art ~ Yey!

Concept Art ~ Yey!

So after forcing begging my friend – Dai, to draw something out for my blog, she finally gave in. Yay!

I showed her the 2 concept arts that my other friends made for me as well as the stick figure art that I made for myself and I asked her to make something similar.

aysabaw clipart
Aysabaw’s Artwork
Dai’s Artwork










So finally, she came up with a really lovely concept art for me and I’m so happy I could die fly!

Look at our concept arts? Did you notice? Our artsmanship (is there such a word? LOL) is are whatever really close! Whew! I can really say that birds of the same feather flock together (I know I’m a troll).

PS. Shai ~ mas fierce to 😛

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