When God Says ‘NO’: How to Respond Right?

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I know God knows best but right now it doesn’t seem so.

I can’t believe that His answer is ‘no’. I’ve been battling in prayers for God’s yes and go signal but at the end it was still a ‘no’. I was very saddened by his response. It feels like a deep rejection from someone I least expected it to get. I questioned God why? “I’m ready for it.”, “It’s good for me.”, “I’m perfect for it!”, and “I’ve been preparing for it for a very long time.” But God just silenced my tantrums by reminding me that in my prayers I asked Him for His will be done and not mine.

At some point of your life, perhaps you felt like nothing makes sense and you can’t understand why it’s a ‘no’ from God. You wanted an explanation why your prayers are unanswered, but all you can hear is…

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2 responses to “When God Says ‘NO’: How to Respond Right?”

  1. HE knows best what is right or wrong for us and grants our wishes accordingly. We always want a yes in our favor, regardless of what impact it might create for us.


    1. well said. that’s the truth. We always want a YES for an answer.

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