Never Put to Test the Faith of a Person

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Never Put to Test the Faith of a Person

By Apolinario Villalobos

Some people have the habit of putting to test the faith of others. They should take extra care as regards this kind of attitude due to the rise of so many groups that used to be part of the Roman Catholic Church, for instance, and whose primary reason for leaving is the realization that the ceremonious Mass is not for them, though their exit does not necessarily mean the erosion of their faith in God.

Not only are some of the Roman Catholic adherents have this kind of attitude but others who belong to other churches and the various congregations that mushroomed around, assuming different names – all in the name of Jesus. For them, those who “deprive” themselves of the “words of God” will not be saved. But then, what can these “holy” words do when they…

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3 responses to “Never Put to Test the Faith of a Person”

  1. thanks for the re-blog…

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  2. Naalala ko tuloy ang mga kupal…(excuse my word, Aysa)

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    1. Hahahah ako din maraming kilalang kupal hahaha


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