Who Cares About What Someone Else Had for Breakfast?

I was telling my boss yesterday the story of a travel blogger who quit her job and started travelling and started earning money while travelling and blogging. By the way, my boss hailed from another dimension, just incase any extra terrestrial discussion arises.

So I told him  how nice could it be to travel and earn. And he said ‘this blogging thing is not all good.’ 

My boss is an extra seasoned top notch hotelier with sesame dressing, spring onions and buttered pickles with whipped cream and cherry on top who had a lot of experiences from different types of bloggers that he met or at least came into contact with.

He said that some travel bloggers are spoiled brats. They threaten you of not gaining any exposure to some 100 thousand followers if you don’t invite them for an all expense paid luxury holiday in your hotel.

He also experienced a harassment from a teenage blogger a few years ago. He had to turn him down for some reasons and this teenage non-mutant ninja turtle uttered things like

“You should invite me to your hotel because i am the future of travel blogging.” 

So although I understand that he didn’t have pleasant experiences with several bloggers, I was there to defend the blog-world and I tried to explain to the boss why people blog and why people follow blogs and what blogging does to help other people and he just ended our conversation with a “look, I know what this blogging is about to a certain extent but I don’t know how to blog and I don’t want to know and I don’t care about what someone else had for breakfast.”

So I kept quiet and didn’t even think of mentioning that I also blog. He might just as well ask me why am I contributing to the oddity of this already odd world.

I would really care about a good breakfast though….

I thought, he might be right about who cares about what someone else ate for breakfast just like who cares about what I write and why do I care about what someone else wrote, what someone else ate for breakfast or where did someone go.

But for me, whether someone cares or not, that’s just fine. I came. I wrote. I conquered. And that’s all that matters to me and maybe for the rest of us in the entirety of this blogosphere.

I Came. I Wrote. I Conquered.

Anyway, I am just so glad that he doesn’t care about what other people babble about because then, he won’t be able to read this. And even though he is a little bit outer spacial weird,  I like him in a way that he’d rather not read  about what people write that he couldn’t care about unlike some haters who couldn’t care less about you but would still read your posts and talk trash about it.

PS. I don’t have haters (none that I know of). Just citing an example here. At least, I don’t have yet and hopefully won’t have.


15 responses to “Who Cares About What Someone Else Had for Breakfast?”

  1. Interesting. Many travel bloggers I know share their experiences and places they recently visited. They do this for their own pleasure, not for cash and fortune. But there are many bloggers too, like the one you had mentioned in beginning, who not only blog but travels too. To earn their livelihood while away from home, they have to work and they do.


    1. It’s very interesting to earn while travelling and a lot could be just wishing to have that kind of lifestyle as it seems fun.

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  2. I think someone said, “don’t bug a blogger or else…”! Hahaha!

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  3. I’ll feature this blog to my fb page… 🙂

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    1. Wow. Thank you Sir O.

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  4. Bigla ko tuloy naalala ‘tong nabasa ko:


    May mga abusado kasi talagang blogger, nagba-blog lang para sa freebies…napaghahalataan.

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    1. Oo nga eh. Sila pa kamo ung demanding? Minsan nga iniisip ko…sisikat kaya akong food blogger kung puro kapintasan or magiging kritikal ako sa mga reviews? Bwahahha magiging notorious food blogger kaya ako?

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  5. […] Who Cares About What Someone Had for Breakfast? […]


  6. May mga tao talaga na ganun, walang manners na nag bibigay sa iba ng bad name. At meron naman na nag blog for pure fun lang. Iba iba talaga mga tao eh.

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  7. That was a funny and intense conversation you had with your boss, Aysa. Pinawisan ka ba sa mga sinabi ng boss mo? I wonder what would be his reaction kung nalaman nya nag bblog ka. Hehehe I can’t imagine myself having that kind of conversation with my own boss (assuming with the same opinion as your boss.)


    1. hay nako. wapakels. madalas kami magdebate kahit di niya ko pinapakinggan ha ha. at kapag sinabi ko sa kaniyang nagboblog ako, wapakels din siya kaya di ko na lang sinabi. taga ibang dimension naman siya kaya bahala siya ha ha ha.

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  8. interesting that you wrote this in english as if you want your boss to read it. 🙂

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    1. nothing like that Sir 😛

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