Weirdo’s Lunch. Sorry. Not Sorry.

Weirdo’s Lunch. Sorry. Not Sorry.

Ever heard of a cheese-less Pizza? Ever heard of a person who doesn’t eat cheese?

I’m so happy to finally find a cheese-less Pizza, and to be able to eat Pizza without having to cover my nose just so I could not smell the cheese (eww).


I Fratelli la Bufala

So this restaurant, Fratelli La Buffala is the amazing provider of this heavenly cheese-less Pizza. I have not visited them yet (and how the hell did I get this Pizza??? Doesn’t matter.) but will do so some other time.

And my idiot friends be like

This is eeew Pizza!

It’s not even a Pizza without cheese!

And I’m like. IDFC. It’s in a Pizza Box so its a freakin’ PIZZA!

Cheeseless Pizza

Ditch diet. I had 3 slices.


Sorry. Not sorry.

39 responses to “Weirdo’s Lunch. Sorry. Not Sorry.”

  1. Ohmygosh! The second person I know who hates cheese. What’s wrong with you guys?? Lol.
    Still, it’s a pizza… So, yumyum omnomnom! Hahaha

    Btw, is that Jimmy Fallon?

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