Blog Name and Concept Art

Blog Name and Concept Art

Real friends are few, and its easy to name them too. 

You’ll know that your friends are real when they sit with you in a cafe and order coffee  and you tell them you have a blog and they laugh at you. Then they ask for the name of your blog and the harder they laugh at you. Then they’ll tell you that you need a concept art for your blog.

“You need to have a cartoon character that represents you.”

The next thing you know, is that they are already visualizing the concept art. Next thing you’ll see is a professionally illustrated concept art on a tissue paper or on the cafe receipt.

aysabaw concept art 1 - drawn on a tissue
aysabaw concept art 1 – professionally illustrated on a tissue

The image (just in case you didn’t really understand the drawing because you know, artists, sometimes can be abstract-ion workers)  is a person floating on a boiling soup on fire.

aysabaw concept art 2 - professionally illustrated on a receipt
aysabaw concept art 2 – professionally illustrated on a receipt

So, for those who never knew what my blog name meant or for those who always wondered but never dared ask or for those who never really cared, Aysabaw, the name of this blog is:

Aysa >> My nick name

Sabaw >> Tagalog word that means soup

There’s an explanation as to why I chose this name but sorry, I am a bit lazy to write it down. But just to make things clear, I never wanted this blog to be like some Chicken Soup for the Soul concept. And anyway, if you have been following my blog, or by chance you have been reading my posts, or you have been seeing my moronic comments on your posts, you’ll understand why I chose this name.

So yeah. There you go.

Let me know. Concept art 1 or 2?

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