So, I’m blog-stalking lately.

And I’m just lingering around discovering and reading some real good posts. Then I like to comment but I have to think about a sensible comment that won’t make me sound like a complete moron. I think and I think about a comment more than I think about my posts. I type on the comment section and erase it and type and erase and lastly will just click the like button when I can’t farting think of a comment that is appropriate to the decency of the post. Then I’ll come back again and will still leave a comment that isn’t as sensible as I thought it would be. And then I follow them and they follow back and oh I’m happy that a great blogger followed me and oh they are liking my posts! And I keep stalking them, keep liking their posts, keep commenting like a fart then I finally realized that they are legit and honorable writers, columnists or journalists and I’m like what the fart am I farting around for.

Ah. Seriously?


31 responses to “WTF”

  1. Oh, same here. You know me, I have the most disorganized thoughts in the blogging world, and then, what the heck, decent and published writers keep reading and commenting on my posts, and they say they like my style, and have fun reading me. I facepalm. Like, what are you talking about ? lol

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  2. Ah kaya pala sabi mo hindi bagay ang Mayumi sayo haha kalog ka pala.. Kung classmate kita dati, ikaw ang dahilan kung bakit ako papasok. Alam mo yun, papasok lang para sa tropa at mga ganitong this.

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