Time flies

And you let it slip away

image by abcdentalkids.com

image by abcdentalkids.com


Hello 2016! Hello Project 366!

Day 2: Project 366 | A poem on Unrequited Love

Day 3: Project 366 | What’s the weather like where you are? How do you feel about it?

Day 4: Project 366 | Dance

Day 5: Project 366 | When was the last time you moved? What was the process like emotionally? How was the adjustment to a new environment?

Day 6: Project 366 | Quote/Line from the book you are currently reading 

Day 7: Project 366 | I Hear Your Voice

Day 8: Project 366 | Where do broken blogs go?

Day 9: Project 366 | Time

5 responses to “Time”

  1. short and sweet. 🙂 grabe, talagang seryoso ang project 366, ilang araw lang akong nawala.. andami ko na agad namiss. parang teleserye. hindi na ko agad makasunod. LOL

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    1. alam mo namang ako ay isang ningas kugon LOL. kailangan ang matinding disiplina dahil pag tinamad nako….alam na ha ha


      1. No!!! wag ka tatamarin! Tutulak kita! hahaha

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        1. Hahahah…so far naman sinisipag pa….

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