I Hear Your Voice

One of the best things when you blog is you get to virtually meet people from different parts of the world. You listen to their stories and you also share yours and you both come to an understanding of how your lives can be a lot different or a lot similar.

There are bloggers who post their photos so you know exactly how they look like. There are others who would like to maintain their anonymity. And that’s the most interesting part.

They said each writer has his/her own voice. True indeed. As for me, I create characters or personalities in my head according to the voice that I hear. And actually, I also imagine how their voice would be if they would be reading aloud what they have written.

I always do this in the office too. Whenever we have conference calls with our colleagues from the other parts of the world, we only have our conference phone to reach out to them. So we only hear their voices. And according to their voices, I create images in my head.

One of our colleagues, a Venezuelan gentleman stationed somewhere in Africa, has a very sexy voice. Sexy like Antonio Banderas. So I created an image of him in my head. A macho, moreno, latino guy (ha ha ha).

from neogaf.com

But still that’s a bit different. I literally hear their voices over the phone. Here in blogosphere, I only read people’s thoughts so I have to create not only their images but also their voices.

There’s one male poet who writes poems full of angst and emotions and heartbreaks and whenever I read  his pieces I feel  like Gerard Way’s reading his poems for me.

One female blogger makes me feel back home whenever I read her posts. Her voice sounds so motherly as if I’m listening to a mom reading bed time stories even though her posts are usually about socio-political issues.

And yeah, I have assigned a voice to each and every blogger I know here ha ha.

Ok, is it just me? Am I just weird or does every one else do the same?

from pandawhale.com
from pandawhale.com

But anyway, it would be interesting to know how my voice sounds like to other bloggers too, if they are as weird as me, trying to create voices and images in their heads :p


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23 responses to “I Hear Your Voice”

  1. Para sa ‘kin para kang ano, para kang ate na mukhang tahimik pero opinionated at astig pala. ‘Yung cool na hindi halata sa umpisa. Parang nagkukuwento lang ng personal na karanasan tapos maya-maya may komentaryo na. Tapos may reference pa sa mga libro at mga kanta, nice! Hehe. 🙂

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    1. ha ha ha…nakakatuwang marinig. ikaw naman…pag binabasa ko yung mga i don’t give a f*@# posts mo…naiimagine ko yung mga tipo ng girls na wapakels manamit at wapakels din sa mundo…yung tipong naka tshirt at jeans lang at laging may headset at may sariling mundo. at yung tipong may signage sa pinto ng kwarto na DO NOT ENTER ha ha ha

      *_* ewan ko lang kung tama ang hinala ko ha ha ha…. though yun ang Jumping Jolens character na nabuo sa utak ko ha ha

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      1. Ay naku tumpak! Hahaha. Marunong na akong magdamit ngayon pero dati talaga tshirt at jeans lang. Minsan nga wala nang ligo-ligo e, ganun ka-wapakels hahaha.

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        1. hmmm…so may isang tama na ko. hi hi hi

          ha ha ha…aba di ka naman nag-iisa dyan sa walang ligo-ligo….


  2. Haha. Natatakot akong magbigay ng boses sa mga binabasa ko. Kasi baka mamaya marinig ko yung boses kahit magisa ako. Deliks na yun.

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    1. ha ha ha…yun lang

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      1. Teka, ako ba yung mala-Gerard Way or si katsupoy?

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        1. hulaan mo. joke. Teka…nakakalito nga kayo minsan ni Katsupoy kamo. pareho kayong hugutero.

          Pero ikaw talaga si Gerard Way ha ha. Nabasa mo ba yung farewell letter niya nung na disband sila?

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          1. Hmmm Gerard Way. Napaisip tuloy ako haha. Magpableach kaya ako ng buhok para emo screamo ang datingan.

            Di ko pa nababasa yung Letter niya pero may nagsabi na sakin before. Sige basahin ko ngayon. 😊

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          2. Ha ha ha. Sige suportahan kita sa pagpapableach mo 😛

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  4. I do the same thing lol thought I was the only one

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    1. good to know that we aren’t the only ones 🙂


  5. Out of curiosity what do you think my voice sounds like

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    1. to be honest, I don’t have anything in my mind yet because I have just read very few of your writings and also I don’t know if your a he or a she :p so I can’t create a character in my mind yet he he he…but will soon do once I get to read more of your upcoming posts 🙂


      1. Looking forward to it 😁

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  6. […] Day 7: Project 366 | I Hear Your Voice […]


  7. Bias ako kasi narinig ko na yung boses mo. Pero hindi nalalayo yung first impression ko nung nameet kita dito sa blogosphere vs. nung nakita kita: makwento at makulit. Haha! Ang pinagkaiba lang, di ko naimagine na mas matangkad ka sakin. Kala ko magkasingtangkad lang tayo. Ok, magkasinglaki nalang kasi hindi naman ako matangkad talaga. LOL

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    1. Hahahahaha….hindi na aplikable satin tong post na to lol…medyo nasobrahan ako sa cherifer eh hahahaha


      1. makalaklak nga rin ng cherifer at baka sakaling umepekto pa sakin. hihi

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