As Long as It Matters

And oh these sad love songs. No matter how bright your day is, you hear them then you’re done.


I’ll be all right
As long as it matters
As long as you’re here with me now…


video from GinBlossomsVEVO

7 responses to “As Long as It Matters”

  1. One of the first few songs I’ve learned to play on guitar…

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    1. wow…..ang cool. sample naman ha ha…joke

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      1. Hidden talent eh hehe.. Dati nag post ako “mad world” (gary jules version) acoustic fingerstyle… I played it terribly so i took it down… Hehe

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        1. nu ba yan sayang naman oh 😛

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  2. This is so TRUE. There are songs that come at the exact moment when you tinkering between sadness and nostalgia. And your toast. Nice post my friend.

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    1. And the song sticks in your head the whole day. And the feelings too 😛

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      1. Yes, that is so true. I don’t use an alarm with radio. To avoid the chance I spend my day with a horrible song in my head.

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