Looking Through The Glass Window

Looking Through The Glass Window

Dubai Rain

I was awaken today by a loud bang. It was the external wooden window. Pushed by the strong wind.

It wasn’t too bright and it’s not dark either. I looked at the clock and it says 9:30 am. I looked through the glass window. It was raining. What a surprise! It seldom rains in January as it seldom rains in Dubai.

Dubai rain usually comes by November or December when winter kicks in. The first rain of the year came too early. But who can say what? Who can predict what? Like us, the climate changes too.

People usually associate the weather with their feelings. Rainy days are often associated with sadness and pain. Maybe because in most of the romantic films, we often see lovers separating ways, crying and hurting and then comes the rain.

For some, the rain is a blessing from the sky, specially in the UAE when the rain comes only twice or thrice a year. I’ve heard of old stories of Arabs jumping out of their cars to dance in the middle of the road when the rain pours. In my nine years in Dubai, I have not seen such a scene. But who knows?

Some people just regard the rain as the best weather to sleep all day and with all honesty,  this sounds like a good plan.

So many emotions are triggered by the rain.

But, what if we look at things from a different perspective? What if we are to be a rain drop? The tiny drops that makes up the rain that showers us with those different emotions. How would we feel? How would it feel to be a rain drop?

Could it be liberating to be a rain drop? Could it mean freedom whenever it rains? Freedom from being held in the cloud for so long a time.  Freedom from anything. Once out of the dark cloud, it will feel like an endless slide.

A free fall.

Sometimes, like a cloud, we hold up so much of stress, pain, secrets or anger. But instead of a cloud, can’t we just be like a rain drop?

Maybe we should. Sometimes. Free to fall. Free from all the burden, pain and agony that we’ve held up for so long.

Try to be a rain drop once in a while and just let it all go. Let the wind take you to wherever till you drop on the ground and kiss the earth or join the lake, the river or the sea.


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