Hello 2016! Hello Project 366!

While everyone’s busy posting their New Year Celebration, goals, 2015 achievements and all the likes, my eyes were glued on Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – both the movie and the book. While everyone’s talking about positivity, I was on to a very dark and misogynistic mystery thriller story as a start to my year and because of that, I missed posting on the first  day of the year.

But anyway, I do have a blogging goal for 2016 and its as simple as posting daily (LOL sounds so simple). I’ll call it My Ambitious Project 366, but I already missed posting on the 1st of January (already a bad start – blame it on that misogynistic novel). So if I will ever complete this Project (cross fingers) then I’ll only have 365 which will not be very bad 🙂

This will be a tough challenge because I always start something but never finished anything. Like I have several old diaries / journals that all started in January and ended somewhere in April or May.

Anyway, that’s all and let’s see how far can I go with this challenge ha ha.

Viel Glück.


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    1. ui ang angas nung TGDT – haba ng title eh. Nabasa mo na ba yung 3 books? Una pa lang nabasa ko. Sa talambuhay ko ito pa lang ata ang makapal na libro na nabasa ko sa loob lang 3 (or 4 ata) days lang bwahahaha

      ui. wish ko lang na di ako tamarin sa project ko. di mo ba ako sasamahan? LOL


      1. Nabasa ko na ‘yung tatlo! Grabe ako rin, sobrang kating-kati akong tapusin ‘yan noon. Tapos kahit sobrang mahal pa n’ung 3rd book kasi kaka-release pa lang, gora agad ako sa bookstore. Hahaha.

        Naisip ko ring sabayan ka sa project kaya lang parang hindi ko kaya. Ngayon pa lang suko na ako haha. 🙂


        1. ha ha ha…medyo luma na sya kaya mura ko ng nabili yung tatlong books…naka sale na ha ha…tagal ko na yang nakikita eh kala ko kung anong book about prostitution or something ha ha yun kasi yung dating nung title sakin dati bwahaha at ang tagal nyang naka istak sa bookshelf ko yun pala ang ganda…

          Yung totoo. Bilang book 1 pa lang ako…inggit na inggit ako sa work ni Lisbeth. bwahahahaha

          Samahan mo na ko sa project na to LOL…5 days pa lang ang nakakalipas…pwede ka pa humabol ha ha ha…


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