That Burning Urge to Write

Writing Inspiration


There are times when we wanted to write but instead of typing, we just stare blankly into the screen. Writer’s block, they say? Look who’s talking here. How would I experience this so called writer’s block if I’m not even a writer 😛

Two days ago, I felt like dying a slow death by cough ambush. I had colds too and slight fever. This weather change hit my lungs so bad as well as my stupidity to dive in the ice cold water at the beach, lie wet on the sand and sleep like that while the cold wind blew hard.

The ambush continued on for days and nights, not letting me sleep until one day I realized that I had to visit the pharmacy and get some meds.

That night, I had a dose of cough syrup, cold tablets and fever reducing tablets.  I expected that I would doze off after a few minutes. But I didn’t. I wasn’t able to.

I closed my eyes only to find my mind wandering off. Wide awake. And kicking.

I took my pen and notebook and wrote off all that ran through my then hyperactive brain cells before anything slips away. I wrote everything that my right hand could before that burning desire cools down and turns into cold gray ashes.

It felt great.

Blame it on the meds. Or maybe, say thank you to the meds. It had done me right.


The weather changes. So do we.


  1. It seems there are websites and blogs devoted to many activities, such tv, music, lives of celebrities, etc.. . But I really cannot find websites and blogs devoted to reading, unfortunately an afterthought when it comes to pastimes.. . Anyone know some really popular and great ones? Classic and current literature are both cool with me, since I read both.. . Thanks so much! =o).

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