Friday Junkies

Friday Junkies – Story 1

I love Friday mornings because there’s no morning rush, no traffic, no whatever. It’s because Friday is a non-working day in Dubai. The whole city is still sleeping after the late night Thursday party.

I guess, only our office is open on Fridays in Dubai (because we report to our Head Office in Singapore, we need to follow their weekdays and weekends).  There are only 5 living souls in this 12 story building where our office is located. Mine, my boss, my 2 colleagues and the security guard. A complete zombieland.

So I’m surrounded by three health conscious people (that word – surrounded – as if I’m talking about a battalion), who eats salad, veggies and fruits for lunch while I eat all the high Cs (carbo & calories) – rice, pasta, noodles and bread. After a while, I started eating healthy stuff as well, though I still take my daily dose of Cs otherwise, I’ll end up in  Carbo-holics Anonymous.

On Fridays, I try to convince them to cheat hence came the term Friday Junkies. For some reasons, we only cheat on Fridays.

Friday Junkies – Story 2

I saw this somewhere. This cute GIF thingy. I thought I want to try it. I wanted to post something with this. And now that this GIF thingy is here, it looks stupid on my blog.

It looks so cute, alright? But it just doesn’t fit my blog. It just doesn’t fit me. I felt like a rock chic trying to wear a tutu or something.


Friday Junkies

This post is literally a junky. Something you’d immediately drag into your junk mail. Forgive me.

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