Flower in the Night

image from http://laura-myworldthroughmylens.blogspot.ae/

Like a flower in the night

I close my petals

And shield my heart.

I  stand firm

On the cold ground.

I will stay

Till I see the morning light.


They also come to an end.

6 responses to “Flower in the Night”

  1. Meron akong paboritong excerpt ng poem galing sa isang favorite korean series:
    “When the wind blows, let it come, stay, and leave.
    When a feeling of longing comes, let it come, stay, and leave.
    Pain will come. It will stay and live. It will live then leave.” – this was a poem from a book they were reading in the series.

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    1. teka anong series yan ah…


      1. It’s Ok, That’s Love https://talabells.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/series-its-ok-thats-love/
        Dalawang beses ko na syang napanuod. Hahaha! Sa ibang subs iba yung english translation ng poem na yan e, pero yan yung pinakamaganda sa mga translations hehehe 🙂

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