How do we define the word “Baduy”?

How do we define the word “Baduy”?

There’s one Filipino Radio Station here in Dubai, TAG 91.1, and whenever I tune in, I feel like I’m listening to Love Radio or Yes FM. The whole setup of the station from the music that they play to the DJs and their funny names – Pinoy na Pinoy.

Whenever I tune in, never will I not hear Karylle’s Kapiling Kita and so this song got stuck in my head, till now.

I was singing the chorus of the song once, to myself, but someone overheard and asked me what the song was and who sang it. I actually laughed before answering. And the person who asked, upon hearing my answer, laughed too and said yuck! Baduy nito!

But how do we actually define baduy? I searched for English translations of the word and I found bad taste and wearing unfashionable clothes.

I am a fan of alternative, rock and punk rock music. But I also listen to the likes of Karylle, does that make me baduy? I also watch Fliptop, does that make me baduy?

If I watch AlDub or OTWOL instead of The Walking Dead of Game of Thrones, does that make me baduy?

If I like to wear black clothes and you like to wear bright orange or apple green, who’s baduy then? If I would like to tuck my shirt in and if I am more comfortable with high waist pants, does that make me baduy?

Are the jejes baduy? If they are baduy, do they have the right to call someone else baduy too? Maybe their outfit is really a pain in my eyes but can I call them baduy because I don’t have the same taste that they do?

Jeje outfit – image from

If I have an LV or MK bag and you have a bag with no brand or maybe an imitation of LV or MK that you bought from Divisoria, does that make you baduy? Can money also define who’s baduy and who’s not? How about those who can’t afford to buy branded items? Does that make them baduy?

Who actually defines what is bad taste and what is good? Who sets the standard? Fashion designers? Music gurus? People with higher social status? Ourselves?

If you go to church or to a gathering or a celebration with your best clothes on and you only have one pair – a fuchsia pink shirt and an apple green checkered pants.  Does that make you baduy? Can social standing define baduy? Can we call a person without a choice baduy too?

We all have our own preferences. What I prefer does not make your taste bad and vice versa.

So tell me, how do you define baduy?

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36 responses to “How do we define the word “Baduy”?”

  1. ang boypren kong baduy… baduy.. (kinanta mo? jejeje).. depende lang sa tao yan.. yun nga lang.. mapanghusga yung iba.. e yun ang gusto niya e.. wapakels na lang di ba? 😀

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  2. Parang na-guilty naman ako. Jinujudge ko kasi maraming tao because I am a judge. Nah, sa isip ko lang naman. Pero ngayon ko naisip at ngayon ko lang masesemento ang paninindigan ko. As long as you’re comfortable I think no one has the right to call you baduy. Fashion, just like music, art and writing are all forms of expressions. I think baduy should mean differently now. Kasi mali na sya ng paggamit e. Parang nagiging insulto na lang if hindi ka makasunod sa uso, or hindi high end art or music ang tipo mo. Mas maganda pa nga kung idelete na lang sa bokabularyo ng errbody hehehe.

    Ayoko lang ng mga taong may counterfeit goods, kasi trying hard to possess something na hindi naman nila kaya. If gusto ng MK or LV bag, pag-ipunan mo. Kung masyadong mahal, wag kang bumili, bili na lang ng unbranded, nasa nagdadala naman yan hehehe. Kasi kahit sabihin na OA lang sa pagpresyo ng mga branded goods dahil sa brand, WE as consumers always have the choice to not buy them.

    Sa music dati lahat ng mainstream ayoko, kasi humahard core rockstar ako hahahaha! Joke lang. Nagkaroon ako ng metal phase, so ayoko ng ibang genre bukod don. So sa ganitong konsepto, tinatawag kong jologs/baduy yung mga nasa mainstream music, kasi hindi kami magkapareho ng gusto. Pero nagbago na po ako pramis. Hahahah! Luma-love love love na rin ako sa everything.

    Respeto na lang sa kanya-kanyang trip, wag lang laitin yung gusto kong movies or series or books or music or sumthin’ sumthin’ para peace everybody diba? Hahahaha! Haba ng comment, pang-blog post. hihihih.

    At sabi nga ni Tita Krissy… LUV LUV LUV ❤

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