One Punch Man – One Worth Watching

image from Dehorvie’s youtube page

One Punch Man is now my 2nd favorite anime (One Piece is still my first love).

The story is about Saitama, a bored and bald superhero. I haven’t watched all the (7) episodes yet but I’ve heard that he lost all his hair while training to be the strongest and yes he became the strongest indeed. He is bored because he can defeat all the weird monsters (like a giant half human-half lobster monster or a human mosquito) in just one punch. No challenge at all.

Later on he will have a cyborg disciple and will be a part of the Heroes Association.

But no matter how strong he is (no one else can defeat the weirdos except him….), he still struggles to gain respect from the people because of his appearance.

Like, wth right? Who will not laugh at this round poker face?  😛

image from

Kidding aside, this is one hilarious series to watch (and wait for). One Punch Man anime adaptation was released on October (but online since 2009) hence the 7 episodes till date. I have watched the first 2 episodes only and I will wait till some more episodes are released, let them pile up and set up an anime night popcorn party.

The episodes are short, like 20mins or so per episode (unlike One Piece, 45mins at least per episode)

It is currently the number 1 on the anime list, at least in Kissanime.

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And really, what’s with being bald? Or who started the standard here that with great power comes great long hair?

image from 9gag



Maganda at sobrang nakakatawa ng One Punch Man LOL. Itsura pa lang.

Pasensya na sa English. Kailangan lang hasain. Napupurol na.


    1. Ha ha. I don’t know how and why come up with a bald poker face hero….ha ha ha

      I watch anime…but nowadays I only follow One Piece ha ha…i dont really know much about the new ones ha ha…there’s just so many that unless someone tells me specifically which one is worth the watch…i wont really do


        1. Hahahahha thanks. I know Hunter x Hunter…but have not continued watching it….i’ve heard of this attack of the titan…hahahah ok will check these…lol…full metal alchemist is an old one right?


  1. This sounds like an amazing anime!!! Yung itsura palang nung bids comedy na HAHA natawa din ako dun sa human mosquito, ano kaya itsura nun? HAHA Favorite kong anime mga 90s pa Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Ghost Fighter tapos nung Elementary Detective Conan, Inuyasha tapos Bleach pati One Piece 😀 BTW, may FB ka? Gusto sana kita i add dun sa ginawang FB Page ni Maria Michaela 🙂


    1. Wahahaha. Itsura pa lang talaga. Well ung taong mosquito sexy na babae sya na nanghihigop ng dugo hahaha….panoorin mo na lang nakakatawa…sakura lang ata at inuyasha ang di ko napanood sa mga nabanggit mo…maganda din ung Death Note kung naabutan mo na…naku…kasali na ko sa page ni M.i.c.h.a.e.l.a. hahaha teka…post ko nga to don… 🙂


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