Writing To Escape

I open my eyes to the sound of the alarm at around 6:20am, click snooze, doze off once more and wake up at the annoying sound after 10 minutes.

I usually hope for a great day during those first few seconds of staring blankly at the ceiling in the mornings but I can’t even think about it when the left part of my head beats like it has its own heart.

It is labor day today and I felt that, literally. Today was a very long day at the office and I wonder how can typing, scanning and photocopying could be as tiring as a 10k run.

I don’t know why I am writing now and I also don’t know why I’m writing in English when it is a lot easier to rant in Tagalog but I’m continuously typing this anyway. Screw the grammar. Screw whatever. I’m gonna write and I’ll write however I want.

I come home with an empty stomach and after dropping my bags on the floor, I run like a mad dog to the nearest place where I can quickly stuff my stomach with warm food. A proper one.

I walk out of the Indonesian restaurant after gobbling up the Nasi Goreng within 15 minutes. Walk home with that don’t-mess-up-with-me and screw-you-all look.

I enter my room, open the laptop, sulk on the chair like a vegetable and watch a shy 15 year old boy in white shirt and baggy pants sing on a talent show. Fall in love with his voice, click the replay button a hundred times and fall in love again and again till I fall out of love.

So what the heck am I writing about? I guess about my long day? And why would I write about it? Who cares? Who cares if my whole freaking Friday was spent speaking only to my boss, my office mate and the waiter in the Indonesian restaurant?

I’m writing because I want to escape. I want to escape the mechanical life that I have where the hour, minute and second hand just keeps on coming back to 12 o’clock and you just have to keep your self charged like the battery of your mobile phone.

And if by chance you are still reading this line, I understand how you feel. Nice title, very bad content. But anyway, thanks for reading.

P.S. I’m not suicidal or anything. I just have these don’t-mess-up-with-me days.

12 responses to “Writing To Escape”

  1. Get boyfriend and make out ! ! LOL

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    1. you naughty kid! LOL


      1. You need some lovin’, pronto. He he

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        1. not like that ha ha….


          1. Really, like that. By the way, even crushing will liven your life. The feeling of excitement will send you skyward. Just be prepared for some hard thud on terra firma, but the feels are well worth it.

            I’m not speaking from experience. He he I read stuff like this from mangas.

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          2. ha ha ha ha….this is for youngsters 😛


          3. We still are, right ? No harm swooning, eh ?

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  2. Pinoy Abroad Avatar
    Pinoy Abroad

    Absolutely :))

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  3. stop the self-pity. you’re a big girl now. you were born alone. you can manage alone. look at this way. nothing in this world lasts forever. love. family. friends. sadness. disappointments. hopelessness. they have to end somehow. because nothing lasts, we learn to appreciate more. you know, the little things shared and given without thoughts of something in return. when all is said and done, nothing will be left but their memories, and they will continue to exist only for as long as we care to remember them.

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    1. Sir P, no worries. Its just that once in a while we suddenly get this feeling of rage or loneliness and as for me, whenever I get this weird feeling I just thought of writing them down rather than being upset or whatever he he h ehe

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      1. just hang in there. as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough keeps on going. 🙂

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