How does it feel not to be a blonde

My hair is black. My eyes are almond shaped, too black. My skin color is medium brown.

I like to read story books when I was a kid and Goldilocks fascinated me. Her hair is golden yellow and I wondered if real people have that hair color too. All our town folks have black hair like me but then I saw some ladies in the TV then I knew being blonde is also for real. I thought maybe, if I grow up my hair will also be like that.

Now I’m a grown-up but my hair is still black.

I saw many beautiful ladies. They are all like Goldilocks. Golden yellow hair, some are strait and some have soft curls. Some have green eyes, some gray, some blue. They have very long eyelashes too. And their skin sparkles when the sun shines on them.

Once I saw a blonde lady wearing a plain white t-shirt, a pair of shorts and flip flops. She looked very pretty. So I tried to wear the same outfit, but it didn’t look good on me. She looked sexy on that outfit but I looked like a boy.

At work I asked my boss once, “I worked with the company for 3 years and I was never given any promotion. But this blonde lady was just a Management Trainee for 6 months and a fresh graduate, why is she now a manager?”

Then my boss said “Because your skin is brown and your hair is black. So you have to work harder.”

Once I gave my boss a very clever idea for a project but he declined it. Then I asked a blonde colleague to propose my idea to the boss and he gladly accepted it and asked the team to start immediately.

I speak proper English and my grammar is correct but still they all laugh at me. They said they can’t understand me. They asked me “do you really speak English?”

I went to a restaurant and the receptionist asked me “Table for one?” She escorted me to a table and handed the menu. On the table across mine she escorted a blonde lady and while smiling she explained the menu and suggested the wine of the day. The waiter took her order before mine and he didn’t even offer me wine. I asked myself, “Am I overdressed? I came from work so I was wearing a suit. She was just wearing shirt, jeans and flip-flops so maybe next time I’ll do the same too.”

They provided her good service and I think a free dessert too. But they frowned when they saw her bill jacket without a single coin in it. I left a few dollars on the tip box but I didn’t even get a “thank you”.

Then came a new boss, a blonde lady. She asked me to do this and do that and she goes out for a smoke maybe 10 times a day.

I worked for it; she presented it to the board. Then I realized after few months, she is leaving because she got promoted and will be soon transferred to the head office.

I asked myself, maybe I need to be blonde too? So I tried.

I went to the salon and I said I want the color of Goldilocks’ hair. The Chinese hairdresser laughed at me but she said “Ok, let’s color your hair like Goldilocks’.”

I waited for 4 hours inside the salon and I was very excited to become blonde. The Chinese lady rinsed my hair and dried it.

When I looked at the mirror, I didn’t look like Goldilocks.

9 responses to “How does it feel not to be a blonde”

  1. fiction ba ito?

    otherwise, WTF!


    1. hahaha. semi 🙂

      lalo na dito sa Dubai. yung tipong kahit may pambili ka ng branded na pabango, di ka papansinin dahil noypi ka? hehehe or ung kakain ka sa fine dining di ka inaasikaso


      1. kala ko bubugbugin na naten ang boss mo 😀


        1. hahaha. di naman. may mga fair pa naman. pero lahat ng sinulat ko, at one point na experience ko noon haha pwera lang yung pagpapakulay ng buhok hahaha


          1. pakulay na! hehe.


  2. i love it. very nice.


  3. Grabe po pala. Discrimination? 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHAHA More than you’ll ever know!


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