Dear Little Miss Blonde

Re: An open letter to the teenage blonde I saw in the Metro

Dear Little Miss Blonde,

First of all I would like to inform you or if not, remind you that you are in a conservative country and that there are signs all over the place as “Please wear conservative clothes” and the likes of it. I know that you came from a liberated country, but now you are currently here and things are a bit different.

You were at first, attracting everyone in the Metro to look at you while you were loudly talking with your friend over the phone. Everyone was looking at you, and your clothes. You were wearing a very light see through pink top with very thin straps and neck line which is just above your chest. We can actually see your black inner clothing (mmm, your bra) and as well as your inner body. You also wore a very short – maong short.

We wouldn’t mind you wearing these clothes if you were going to a private beach or pool or hotels and resorts where there is a different kind of crowd. Mind you, we are inside a public transport where all kinds of people of all levels, classes and nationality can be found. We also wouldn’t mind you to wear these if you could have rode the gold class area of the metro where there is a very less crowd.

We were standing for quite some time now and I guess your legs were tired already that’s why you did a bowing gesture. I, no – we saw your body because your very low and loose neckline showed everything to us. As for me, I wouldn’t mind seeing that because I am also a female specie. My eyes turned at the guy standing beside me. His eyes widened. Whatever I saw may not mean anything to me, but for the male species- that was a piece of meat or shall I say a free meal.

The guy beside me came from the country that recently had several cases of gang rape. I’m not generalizing, but then you need to be careful too. He or any other guy can just follow you once you walk out of the metro and we wouldn’t know what will happen to you afterwards, seeing you don’t have any companion.

There are lots of guys here who may have not seen a woman’s legs or shoulders yet till now. I hope you know that too.

I hope you don’t mind as I know that I have no right to tell you anything. But then just please take this as an advice from a person who had experienced some harassment in this public transport even though she was wearing a dress with full sleeves and the length was just an inch above the knee.

I am sure that you are not a tourist here by the way you act so you should be aware by now how it is here. Please choose your clothes according to where you’re going.

A Concerned Female Specie

PS. I don’t have anything against anyone, or any nationality or any blonde lady, this is just for that teenage girl I saw yesterday in the metro

6 responses to “Dear Little Miss Blonde”

  1. bigyan ng kumot yan. tsk.


      1. 25pesocupnoodles Avatar

        walang picture? hehehe 😛


        1. hehehe, censored sya eh


  2. some people have no clue.


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