Fan Girl


Yes I have to admit. I used to be a fan girl. I screamed for my fave band. I was a stalker. I’ve watched all their tv guesting and I even went to an autograph signing day to get my cd signed by all the band members.

I remembered myself being a fangirl while watching the Ryzza Mae Show few days back. Ryzza’s guest on that episode was Abra, a very handsome Filipino Rapper. On the show, Ryzza asked Abra “Habang nagrarap ka, ansaya saya pero bakit umiiyak yung babaeng naka pink?” (While you were performing, I was very happy but why is the lady in pink crying?)

The lady was literally crying, probably due to her nonstop screaming while Abra was performing. She was asked to go on stage and take a picture with Abra and she was extremely happy, screaming and giggling her way back to the audience seat after taking photos with her idol. They were carrying a huge tarpaulin with the name of their fans club written on it. Something like Abratistinatics and Team Abra. Whenever Abra smiles,they scream. He talks, they scream. He performs, they scream. They like to scream.

So I started thinking, was I really like her (or them) back then?

When I was in college, I was a die hard fan of Sponge Cola (although I’m still a fan of their music, I don’t stalk them anymore like I used to do few years back). Looking back, these are the things that I’ve done.

1. I bought their album. I didn’t have money back then and the cd costed 250pesos. I only had 150 so I asked my mom to give me another hundred. This was the first and only cd that I bought because back then music can be downloaded already. And, because I’m a fan girl, I have to have their original cd.

2. I stalked all their shows, whether on tv or radio. They were once a guest of the Monday show of RX 93.1 where bands play live on air. They were also once in the early morning show of NU 107 and I had to wake up very early on a Saturday morning just to listen to them.

3. Whenever I pass by the building where NU 107 radio station was, I will always look at the area while walking as I was dreaming that one day I might see them hanging around the area.

4. I went to the autograph signing of their album Palabas in SM Centerpoint. I remembered it was a Saturday afternoon. I don’t have classes so I didn’t have allowance for that day but I’ve asked my mom to give me money for transportation so that I could go and meet them. The band performed and then there was an autograph signing afterwards. Each of the band members signed my cd. I was about to burst while I was standing in front of them. I felt hot and cold and my hands were sweating. I was a very happy bunny that day.

5. I never had money to see them in paid gigs so I always checked out mall gigs where I can see them for free.

6. I memorized all the songs in the album. I also played it on guitar. I played it day and night until even my younger sister and brother have almost memorized the songs as well.

7. We had those yahoo groups for our favorite bands those days and that serves as the meeting point of all the fans. They will set the meeting or fans meet up. Although I was very active in the group conversation, I never met the other fans. I didn’t go that far.

Although I did all those, I never brought a tarpaulin with me. hehe. And that differentiates me from that lady in pink. haha

Was I that bad? I didn’t do much, did I? Although I was a stalker, I wasn’t that scary right? Haha

Yes I have to admit. I will always be a fan girl, though I won’t do those crazy things that I’ve done before.

9 responses to “Fan Girl”

  1. isa ka pong groupie, whehe. 😉 what to do?


    1. groupie? ahahaha..hindi ba isda yan? toinks….


      1. uu nga, fishes nga ang groupie, true. 😉 what to do, eh?


        1. isa akong isda? haha joke! di na ata uso ang yahoo groups


          1. ahaha, isa kang masugid na fan. o, e, bakit? lahat dumadaan sa ganyan, kapatid. ahaha, ba’t mo naalala ang yahoo groups? kaming oldies, meron pa no’n pero mas emails, palitan ng materials on issues…^^


          2. naalala ko yung yahoo groups kasi naalala ko kung ano mga pinaggagagawa ko nung pamaypay girl pa ko haha, napaka active ko sa yahoo groups kahit di naman ako nagpapakita sa EB ng mga kapwa ko pamaypay tahahaha


  2. ABRA!!!!! aw sori, i’m a fan hihihi…


    1. hahahah…ang gwapo ni Abra….chakadoodles lang yung ibang fans na napanood ko sa Ryzza Mae Show haha


      1. di ko napanood yung guesting nya sa ryzza mae show. pero trulalu ang kanyang kagwapuhan hahaha. ang cute na bata eh. haha


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