Duel between Nakamas

That moment….

When the nakama that you used to laugh and have fun with…

happy luffy and usopp
happy luffy and usopp

Will suddenly bring tears to your eyes.

crying luffy and usopp
crying luffy and usopp

Its heavy

That’s ur burden as a captain.
Don’t falter
If you do, then who are we supposed to believe in?

straw hats
straw hats

I still can’t get over this episode ***sobs***


  1. ellow, aysabaw… masarap din yong aasinan mo ang pork tapos, pipigaan ng mga 10 kalamansi. marinate for 30 mins then, fry them. tapos, saka mo i-sautee using the ingredients you stated above. light brown lang ang pag-prito. fry mo, errr, try pala, hihi. warm regards, 😉


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