Oi Sandstorm!

Oi sandstorm! Hudyat na ba yan ng winter? Kaya pala habang ineenjoy ko ang sinag ng araw sa aking bintana sa opisina ay bigla na lang dumilim. Akala ko kung ano na. Hello winter na ba talaga?


Aba mukhang kailangan ng ihanda ang winter outfit tahaha. (Feeling naman nagiisnow dito kung umaura.)

image from teenvogue.com
image from teenvogue.com

Time to say goodbye na sa tag-init.


Author: aysabaw

Aysa is a self-proclaimed hotelier without any culinary talent. She used to fly around Dubai for ten years via her magic carpet but destiny led her to a new path. She is now a little mermaid swimming in and around the Maldivian waters. If she is not reading her books, writing something comical, leaving rubbish comments on your posts or strumming her guitar, then she's up to some mischief.

4 thoughts on “Oi Sandstorm!”

    1. why sorry? we are happy when summer is over… 🙂

      Dubai is sunny the whole year round. Its just that the temperature during the peak summer months which is June-August is about 45-50 degrees Celsius…..you can boil eggs on the sand….. 🙂

      When we get sandstorms like this, it means the weather is changing….


  1. ellow, aysabaw,,, 😉 kaway-kaway din. akala ko, Nov. pa nag-i-ease up ang init sa UAE… e, di ang saya kung mas maaga this year, hoho. oyy, nanonood me ng show sa cable – Ultimate Airport Dubai. inggit me, sila na 9kayo dyaan, hehe) ang high tech at mayaman, kainis, hahaha. 😉 musta pow…


    1. ahehehe…di na ganon kainit, ang mga hapon ay parang hapon sa Pinas, mahangin at di na kainitan…hihihi…..

      nomoooon…..pero ung airport na yan Terminal 3 exclusive lang “when you Fly Emirates” kaya pang mayaman ang Airport dahil mahal ng ticket hahaha…..at di ko alam yung terminal 1 and 2….di kasi ako nagagawi doon, madalas kasi ako makatyempo ng mga promo ng Emirates Airlines (at talagang naghahanap ako) kasi direct flight eh…..


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