Yesterday was a gloomy day

It was one of those days that comes at least once a month where I get the visit from Mr and Mrs Gloom.

Mr Gloom loves to see me suffer. He would either not let me eat or sleep. It hurts to even just chew the softest food and as well as just to read a book or even to close or open my eyes.

The suffering would be at the most when Mrs Gloom comes in. She won’t let me lie straight on my bed neither would she let me stand strait. She loves to see me like a crumpled paper.

Then comes along – Mr. Overload and Ms. Overtime. Why would you all come together at one time?

I thought the gloomy days were over. I thought today was a little better than yesterday but just before the sun sets, Mr. Easy-to-get-mad just turned red. I understand how frustrated you are but I am here to help. Think of the solution, not the problem. So I tried to escape and left Mr. Easy-to-get-mad after the sun has set.

Why oh why, would you fix the escalators during the rush hour. You close before midnight; can’t you just do this after your closing time? Why would you do your maintenance when everyone is on rush. Why?! Why?!


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