Bashing the Dunes

One thing that every tourist won’t miss when visiting Dubai is the Desert Safari. Yeah I know I’m not a tourist here but I don’t do this often, of course.

This is the best time of the year to go to the desert because its not too hot nor too cold.

The vehicle which is usually a 4×4 or a land cruiser or a hummer will pick you up from the hotel and from there will take you to the desert. They will take a few minutes break to condition the tire and the car before bashing the dunes. So while the drivers are busy on their own thing, we are also busy looking at the shops. We saw some fresh coconut and tried out the juice which is refreshing even though not so sweet. This is not really advisable. When going for a safari, one should not eat or drink much because your stomach will go broom broom 🙂 afterwards.
Buko Juice

Souvenir? Well you don’t need to take a bottle and fill it up with sand. Your shoes will do it for you anyway. I thought I’m getting heavier and I couldn’t run. But then I realized that my shoes are carrying one kilo of sand inside it. 🙂


As I said, eating and drinking a lot is a no no before doing this activity. Guys with motion sickness should drink a pill an hour before so you won’t get dizzy.






After the dune bashing, the cars will take you to their camps where you can ride the camel and ride the bikes. (Sorry no more photos). And afterwards, enjoy the show which is of course Arabic cultural entertainment. We watched Egyptian dances and of course the belly dancers.

A buffet will be served at around 7:30pm which consists of Arabic Dishes, kebabs and all sort of stuffs.

6 responses to “Bashing the Dunes”

  1. Wow that’s cool!


  2. hello… hope the sun successfully bashed you, ahehe. 😉 ~ Ate San


    1. hihihi….hello hello


  3. 25pesocupnoodles Avatar

    meron din bang quick sand diyan, parang gusto ko dun. hehe, tsaka pala oasis.


    1. quick sand….wala pa akong nakikitabg ganun eh…kasi kung meron man eh marami nakong dinala at tinulak don hahaha…oasis…madami dami din…


      1. 25pesocupnoodles Avatar

        sa bugs bunny cartoons lang ako naka-kita ng oasis, hahaha.


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