I Wish I Were Mr. Chen | A Vision of Earth Made in China

I wish I were Mr. Chen, the Chinese trader I met the other day.  He provides products, well of course Made in China. Show him your item, and tomorrow or the day after he’ll bring you the same one. He can copy your shampoo, soap, towels, mops, fridge, and vacuum, everything made in Germany, Japan or Korea. He can bring you a stone, yes a stone! Show him one and he’ll copy it for you. He can even clone you. Yes. In this blog I will use the word clone.

I wish I were him, and the first thing that I will clone is the Earth and I will call it Earth Made in China (EMC). Of course, we can modify the product according to our specifications. In EMC, there will be no tanks, bombs and guns – never will I clone these items. Since there will be no guns in EMC, I will clone deer which runs slowly so huntsmen can catch them manually. I will clone a super electromagnetic knife. It is specialized knife that stays only in the kitchen. Once you plan to take it outside, it will be pulled in the kitchen automatically. Yes, the kitchen will be specialized as well and will have gravity that can pull all knives at home so all of the knives will stay in the kitchen- only.

I will clone Soldiers, lots of them. They will be ultra powerful Martial Arts Soldiers. These soldiers will be skilled with martial arts and karate and they can move like Ninja. They will wear Ninja Uniform and people will only see their eyes, their Asian Eyes. They will be called The Punishers. Anyone who will commit crime will be punished by them.  If a President or a Senator will be caught throwing candy wrapper on the street, the Punisher will break his/her arm. In EMC, if you have a broken arm, it means you were punished and it will be your life long embarrassment. It means you are a criminal. It means you have done something wrong like throwing your garbage on the river, or making a baby cry. Those are Punishable Crimes.  The Punishers will fear no evil. Whether President, middle class man or a slave; the punishment will be the same.

I will clone food. Millions of it. So no one will kill for food, and no one will die because there’s no food.

I will clone a dictionary, and it will be called The Modern EMC Dictionary. In this dictionary, I will erase the words war, hunger, racism and corruption.

Earth Made in China is not a perfect world. It is a semi perfect one. There will still be crimes, but it will be under control because of the Punishers. Crime rate will be at least 1%. Most of the crimes will be as mentioned : throwing garbage, making a baby cry, gossiping about your neighbors or laughing out loud because of your neighbor’s bad hairstyle.

If I were Mr. Chen, I will start thinking about all of this.

 Thanks wordpress for this Weekly Writing Challenge : I Wish I Were.

Sorry for the murder of the word clone.

I don’t mean to offend anyone with this blog.

5 responses to “I Wish I Were Mr. Chen | A Vision of Earth Made in China”

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  2. haha… flip ka rin, kapatid… hello, aysabaw. how’s weekend? holiday pa rin dito. regards 😉


    1. hihihi…flip talaga…ansarap naman jan ang haba ng holiday…ako ay nagtatrabaho na

      karagdagang flip….weekend escapade : tumambay sa mall hanggang madaling araw at kumain ng almusal sa coffeeshop ng mga bandang alas tres ng madaling araw (24hours na bukas ang mall dito nung Thursday and Friday ha ha…mga nocturnal)



  3. Na-imagine ko po ung knife. Ang ganda po nun. Para wala nang saksakan na magaganap kasi nga may auto-pull. Ang great po ng mga thinkings niyo. 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG parang nakalimutan ko na ang mga pinagsusulat ko haha


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