On The Pursuit of Life Existence by Sheladyanne

My thoughts on your blog:

When we were all kids, I guess most of us were asked by our teachers to draw. And this is what I would always draw in the art class. (Of course this is a real picture, but I can draw something similar he he).

This will always be one of my drawings during art classes. A small house with trees, green grass usually with clouds or river on the side. At this modern era when the all cities in the world are praised for their high rising sky scrapers trying to be the highest in the world, people like me would just want to live in small towns where there’s peace.


When I was in high school, I started dreaming. Things that I thought I would like to do in the future or career path that I would like to follow.

When I was in college, I started thinking. What should I do afterwards? Should I follow my dreams? Or should I do the necessary? Well of course I did the necessary.

When I got my first job, I started seeking. Money. Position.  Prestige.

And now, I came to a point where all I wanted is to live in the house that I used to picture in my mind. The ones that I usually draw during art classes.

Yes we get older. But it doesn’t mean that our childhood have left us.  It will always remain in our hearts. You will realize, a lot of your childhood ideas make better sense than the present ones.



Today, bridges are built with tough materials to widthstand the temperature, the weight of the vehicles passing through and all the other factors that the engineers consider in order to build this structure.
We only have bamboos and logs before. And bamboo bridges can still be seen in smaller towns till now. Have you seen one? I guess a lot of kids nowadays have not seen this kind of “structure” engineered by simple people.



6 responses to “On The Pursuit of Life Existence by Sheladyanne”

  1. Sabi-sabi, ang lumilingon daw diba sa pinanggalingan ay tiyak na makakarating sa kanyang paroroonan. Si cup ay naniniwala rin dito.


    1. totoo yan cup….

      ahehe…hirap man sa ingles…mabuti at naintindihan mo ang nais kong ipahiwatig..hehe


  2. tama ka. nakakatuwa lang kase yung mga bagay na akala mong kaya mong makakalimutan o iyong makakalimutan eh nanatili lang pala sa kaibuturan ng ating puso. Napakasarap mamuhay lalo na sa mga ganitong lugar. Akala ng ibang tao kapag naging maayos ang buhay mo, mayaman, lahat ng bagay nasa sayo, akala nila dun sila magiging masaya pero ang di nila alam minsan yung mga simpleng bagay pala tulad ng imahe sa taas ang makakapagbigay ng kasiyahan sa kanila.
    Napakasimpleng pangarap at alam ko sa hinaharap kaya mo hindi imposibleng matupad mo yan.

    ps- parang nakikita ang iyong drawing nung bata ka… dalawang puno tapos sa gitna bahay. hehe
    -napalaban sa tagalog-


    1. ha ha ha….simpleng buhay….yan lang ang nais ko…..yan lang din ang madalas na idrawing ko…ewan ko ba kung bakit…pero ganun talaga…hihihi…

      -minsan talaga mahirap mag Ingles, minsan din mahirap magTagalog –



  3. kay sarap matulog at bumangon sa ganitong pamumuhay 🙂
    sobrang simple lang at ang fresh fresh pa ^^


    1. ha ha…tama….

      sariwa ang hangin, malamig ang tubig sa ilog,,,haaaayyyy

      salamat sa pagdaan 🙂


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