Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge : Water

This week’s challenge is all about water.

Well, I don’t have a good camera and I don’t have the patience like Cee – on waiting for the waves and taking hundreds of pictures before getting the right one. So here’s what me and my handy camera have for this challenge.

1. Dancing Fountain : It is really very difficult to take a shot of moving water. I usually get the photo blurred. But it’s worth the try. Here’s aΒ  photo of the Dancing Fountain at Dubai Mall.

2. Dam : Fresh moving water, a breathe taking sight! Taken at Rodriguez, Rizal in the Philippines.

3. Misty Glass Window : Here’s how my office window looks like during a cold winter morning.

Fore more great stuff from Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, please click here.

7 responses to “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge : Water”

  1. These are great photos. I love the variety of water you show. And yes you were the first entry this week!!! Congratulations.


    1. Thanks very much Cee.

      Great challenges every week! keeps my mind going πŸ™‚

      Rock on \m/


  2. Ganda naman! It only goes to show that you do not have to own a very expensive camera to come up with good pictures. As we always say here, β€œIt’s the indian, not the pana.” πŸ™‚

    Your second photo is very familiar as I have also taken a photograph of the same manmade falls in Montalban, only that I have taken the picture from the rocks above the falls. Gotta find that photo hehe.


  3. Asteeeg “It’s the Indian, not the Pana.” ha ha so true….Ano nga bang magagawa ko….hindi nman talaga kasi ako photographer eh…kaya hindi ko din iniisip bumili ng magandang camera para gawing bling bling…ha ha ha…kahit maliit camera ko….malayo ang nararating ahihi…

    Ay nakapunta ka na pala sa aming munting bayan…..maganda nga yung wawa dam wag lang pag malakas ang ulan…hihihi

    salamat sa pagdalaw!


  4. WOW! The second photo is AMAZING!


    1. thanks very much! πŸ™‚


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