A Small Thought

It was last Sunday when I was invited to go out for a dinner in a small cafe. Although we are in the midst of the hot summer, we all ordered soup dishes as if we wanted to get warm on a freezing winter evening. The cafe’s TV was on an action channel and it was playing 2012 which reminded me of all the predictions that the world will soon end.

When I was younger, someone prophesied that the world will end by the year 2000. I can remember how people fear “the end.” Some of them bought a lot of goods and went to the mountains and hid themselves like hermits. Even at that age, I knew that it was useless to do anything. Because if it is really the end, then it is the end. No one can hide and no one can escape the rapture.

It was written that not even His angels will know when will the end be. So no one really knows when it is except Him.

It is sad to know, that a lot of minds have been manipulated by few, and these few have been trying to mislead the whole world. We had been given the freedom to know and to decide on what is right and what is wrong. But we keep on believing on misleading things that others have injected into our minds. We need to wake up.

Since we don’t know when is the end, at least we should know that we are ready for it anytime.

Prevention is better than cure, but there are things that can never be cured if not prevented.

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