Question: I Want People To Like Me Or I’ll Die Probably


J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Anonymous asked:

How does one get over the sin of being liked or accepted by the people around them? I struggle so hard by not caring and reminding me that Christ’s love is enough, but sometimes its just so hard not to care and to not forget that Christ’s love is enough. I want to change, but it seems like every time I try I keep stumbling and failing. What should I do?

Along with anger, lust, and pride, this is one of the most besetting sins I’ve ever had the non-pleasure of battling.  May I first please point you to a message I did on this recently here, called “I Am Addicted To People.”  I talk about the Five Types of People-Pleasers: Entertainer, Rescuer, Romantic, Reputation, and Victim.

The main problem goes by a lot of names: People-Pleasing, Attention-Seeking, Co-Dependency, Peer Pressure, Daddy Issues, Attention-Whore, Class-Clown, Yes-Man.  It’s…

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